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Protect yourself from the harmful effects of microwaves and other harmful forms of EMF radiation which are known to cause a variety of diseases.
Personal & Workstation Computers
Internet Modems
Notepads, laptops, IPads, notebooks, etc.
Item# WB1
Weight: 1.4 oz (40 gm)
Hematite ~ Hematite grounds and protects us.  It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure. Hematite is an excellent stone to have with one when being bombarded with multiple energies of people, stones and crystals or environmental substances (i.e. EMF) as it will attract, negate, and dissipate negative energies from all around. Detoxifying Hematite is another helpful stone for cutting down on electromagnetic pollution.  Highly protective, Hematite guards one against negative energies of all types, and can be placed near an offending piece of technology, or worn on the person.  Hematite is highly grounding, and can pull in high vibrations from other realms down into the Root Chakra, enhancing one's will and drive.
Clear Quartz Crystals ~ Provides clarity in thinking and awareness, powerful healing stone for any illness, connects to the higher self and removes negativity. Clear Quartz produces a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surroundings of positive ions and protecting the aura. It dispels static electricity and cancels out the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity.

Clear Quartz is a master healer crystal and may be used for any condition. It stimulates the immune and circulatory systems, enhancing energy flow and bringing the body into balance. It has been used to treat migraine headaches, vertigo, in stabilizing dizziness or motion sickness, and assists with metabolism, exhaustion and weight loss.
Pure Copper ~ Various forms of copper have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the history of mankind. Copper is a trace element (Cu) which has been well accepted for its reported healing properties and its role in defending our bodies against infection. Copper is known to improve the production of hemoglobin (the main component of red blood cells), myelin (the substance that surrounds nerve fibers), collagen (a key component of bones and connective tissue), and melanin (a dark pigment that colors the hair and skin). Copper also aids in the body's absorption of Iron (Fe), another important trace element. Copper is a great conductor of energy and is useful for all types of spiritual purposes. Many use copper to balance the chakras and meridians. It provides an anti-inflammatory effect when worn on the body. In one study of 240 people with rheumatoid arthritis, those wearing copper bracelets had a statistically significant improvement compared with those wearing a placebo.
Malachite ~ amplifies both positive and negative energies. It grounds spiritual energies onto the planet. And it is believed by some people that it will be one of the most important healing stones of the millennium. It is an important protection stone, and helps to protect against negative energies and radiation of all kinds.
Wi-Fi Buddy Components
Green Aventurine ~ Green Aventurine protects and absorbs EMF if placed near your auric field or between you and device or even near the device. It will also protect you from pollution if it is near your auric field. When taped to mobile phones, it protects against radiation. Wearing Aventurine also absorbs electromagnetic smog and guards against environmental pollution. Green Aventurine is particularly supportive of the heart, and is excellent for those with cardiac conditions, circulatory problems, or recovering from surgery or illness. It stimulates life-giving energy throughout the body and engenders activity and movement while assisting in physical regeneration.
Black Tourmaline ~ Ancient magicians relied upon Black Tourmaline, known as Schorl, to protect them from earth demons as they cast their spells. Today this stone is still revered as a premier talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting and dispelling negative energies, entities, or destructive forces. It guards against radiation and environmental pollutants, and is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing ones own negative thoughts and internal conflicts, and turning them into positive, usable energy.

A study by scientists has found that vibrations from Black Tourmaline rids any radiation from electrical devices. Wearing Black Tourmaline gets rid of the emission of bad radiation from computers, allowing a balance for the body. Black Tourmalines can also be used as a grounding crystal.
Unakite Jasper ~ Unakite Jasper helps to remove electromagnetic pollution via its powerful grounding energies. Unakite carries a unique vibration that is said to reverse the effects of electromagnetic pollution. Unakite Jasper is superb for healing and nurturing the physical and emotional bodies during injury, prolonged illness or hospitalization. Its Earth energies bring gradual strength and renewed vitality, while helping one to understand and endure these frustrating or painful experiences. Over time, it removes harmful toxins and energies from the system on a deep cellular level, and helps release emotional triggers that perpetuate the behavior.
Reverse side Malachite and Black Tourmaline