Sedona called to us as she does to so many, a place of beautiful scenery and well known for the abundance of Earth energies welling up from inside our lovely Planet. There are many beautiful people in Sedona whom we are happy to call friends now. Our overall experience in the Sedona area was positive...filled with wonder, beauty and intrigue.
Friends of ours whom we had met during one of our vacations in Sedona had already moved into a 24 acre horse ranch in Cornville, which is about 20 miles southwest of Sedona. On the ranch was a newer house which they occupied and the guest house (original ranch house) was vacant. We stayed in the guest house while getting settled and looking for a home closer to Sedona.

During the few months in which we lived on the horse ranch, we all experienced extremely unusual energies and phenomena. Even though the ranch property is beautiful beyond compare, located in a box canyon with fresh stream water from the Oak Creek which passes right through the ranch, some very unexpected things occurred for which none of us were prepared.
Bell Rock Near Sedona, Arizona
Episode 1 ~ The Haunted Ranch
Nothing Up There Yet
Just Blue Arizona Sky
Still Nothing...
Then Two Cloaked Objects Appear
Camera focus was set on "Infinity" so everything between 10 feet and infinity is in focus. Even the bird just over the chimney on our house is in focus. However, these two objects over the tree on the right are not.
Close Up Of The Visitors, Out Of Focus
UFO Just Above Center Of Photo
There were multiple independent sightings of American Indians in full battle dress on the property. One incident occurred while I was teaching Remote Viewing in the guest house where we were living, in which the Indians were standing at the front window watching the class, but disappeared after a few seconds, but witnessed by one of my students. She even asked me during class, "Fred, do you have actors here dressed as Indians?" When I inquired why she would ask such a thing, she said it was because she had seen them clearly looking through the window while we were studying, and then they just walked away.

There are shards of Indian pottery everywhere  around the ranch, but only small pieces. At one point I had picked some of them up and brought them back to the guest house. After this Indian encounter I respectfully returned the shards back to where I had found them and made an apology, burned some raw tobacco leaves in a seashell as an offering.

In a separate incident, our friends had been riding horses on the ranch property and Jackie had witnessed the same phenomena..American Indians in full battle dress not far from where they were riding. They faded away as their mounts approached closer and she told us about the event later.

Also found everywhere on the property was magnetic ore from pea size up to grape size. We had taped a magnet onto the end of a stick and no matter where you dragged the magnet it would pick up magnetic ore, and lots of it! So we had the famous "Vortex" energies of Sedona flowing down with Oak Creek to the ranch in Cornville. We figured out that the magnetic ore was holding the energies of Sedona in a super concentrated form all around the ranch. It is well known in Sedona that the energies there are very powerful, and whatever your own personal energy is when you enter Sedona, it is magnified greatly. (This has now been proven for the ranch in Cornville as well.) So if you are a very negative person when entering Sedona, you could become much worse, unless you are willing to accept the healing energies. If you are a very peaceful person then you can become almost blissed out, unless you are willing to balance. However, by becoming "worse" or "blissed out", it is a chance to heal yourself. And if you refuse the healing, then that is when your experience can become unbearable. If you accept who you are and what is happening and allow the healing, then actual miracles of healing are known to happen in this area of Arizona. Native Americans know this to be true and have always had the wisdom to only visit the area now known as "Sedona" for healing and not to set up residence on the sacred healing ground.
Before we moved out from the guest house, I had placed an orgone/crystal earthpipe into the ground of the garage with the intention of closing the portal, which we had learned through psychic friends had been left open by the artist who had channeled the paintings.

But little did we know, a malevolent energy was still on this side of the portal when we closed it, and from inexperience we did not know that we had to send it back before closing the portal. That malevolent energy followed us to Cottonwood having nowhere else to go. Here we had begun to think that we had the puzzle solved, and that by moving to a nearby town that we would be away from the calamaties of the ranch.
Close Up Of Bird Over Chimney, In Focus
Just a few days later Christie is taking more pictures and wouldn't you know it, here they come again! Have we opened or excited an existing portal with our orgone/crystal devices?
Round Black Orbs Also Appeared Surrounding UFO
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Close Up Of Black Orbs
When this picture was taken there were no aircraft or even birds in the sky, no sounds at all according to Christie. The objects in question are UFOs. It is important, however to note that our use of the term "UFO" does not imply extraterrestrial craft, although they might be, but who can say for sure from pictures? So in the context of these sightings, UFO simply means that an "object" was sighted which was "flying"( meaning it was in the sky) and it was "unidentifiable" as any known conventional craft, bird, etc. to the knowledge of the witness or investigator. Although we are always open to benevolent ET visits!
Another bizarre discovery was a set of paintings that were left in the garage of the guest house where we lived, along with some copper tubing and quartz crystal "sculptures". After showing the paintings and sculptures to trusted friends of ours with experience in channeling, it was determined that the sculptures were used to open an interdimensional portal and that the paintings had been done on "automatic", the same way in which automatic writing is done. In other words, an entity was channeled and then the artist allowed the painting to come through without conscious effort. Now, we may be wrong in our assumption but based on our combined experiences on this ranch and the evidence found, it does seem the most likely explanation.
Reptilian Embrace?
Skinwalker/Crying Eagle?
Amazing artistic abilities to say the least. The two paintings above were done on canvases about 6' x 8' and are only two examples of what we found in the garage. With all of the beauty of the ranch in Cornville to paint, why would any artist ignore this wonderful landscape? Below is a picture I took looking down on the creek which runs through the property. Such beauty, but as we would find out months later there is a hidden dark history.
The Beautiful Cornville Ranch
Just before moving to the ranch we were looking for empirical evidence of crystal and gemstone healing properties and wondering how we would ever prove the effectiveness to skeptics of these wonderful gifts from Mother Nature. Our friends there at the ranch told us about one of their rescue horses named "Moon" which was scheduled to be terminated because of a handicap. But our friends took this unfortunate creature under their wing and allowed us to apply orgone/scalar energy technologies to help alleviate Moon's life-threatening ailment. Previously we had only testimonials from humans who are not only prone to bias and disbelief, but also to faith and suggestion. Here we had the perfect subject, an animal which was not subject to our verbal suggestions, and if healing took place it could only be due to the metaphysical properties long attributed to the crystals and gemstones by countless Shamans throughout the ages within our Power Pendants.

So we encouraged our friends to use vet-tape and place one Shamanic Healer Power Pendant on each of her front hooves. These are the results as quoted by our friend Ed:

"Moon is a 6 year-old Arab horse, about 14 hands high, very sweet horse! She has laminitis so bad that the coffin bone has rotated downwards and has penetrated through the soles of both front feet.

As you can imagine, this is a very painful condition, and she could hardly walk. She came to us that way, she's a rescue horse, but has a strong will to live, so we decided to do everything we could for her.

Drugs help control the pain, but her feet are so sore that we have a very hard time lifting her feet to put shoes on her or take care of her feet. After using vet wrap to attach two of Christie's orgone powered pendants to her legs..."
"...within an hour or two Moon was walking without a limp, and has not limped since."

Ed Carp ~ Cornville, Arizona
Shamanic Healer Power Pendants on front hooves with vet tape
Now Moon likes to jump over fences!
One late afternoon, my son and I were in our truck, backing down behind the guest house to the edge of the forest near Oak Creek to collect some firewood for the evening. It can get very cold at night in the high desert. We had loaded up the truck and it was already getting dark when we heard what sounded like a woman screaming down by the creek. It was very loud, louder than we would have expected for a human so we suspected it might be an animal, or possibly a Bigfoot as they have been know to make similar screams and have been reported around Sedona. The screams continued a few more times and then stopped. Since it was dark and we were unsure of the source of the screams, we decided to not investigate, got back in the truck and drove back up to the house to unload the wood.
That night we did some research on the internet and called a few friends who might be able to help us identify the screams. If not a Bigfoot, then it could possibly be a mountain lion during mating season. Their mating call has been described by some as sounding "like a woman screaming", but then again so has the Bigfoot's scream. We checked the next day next at the creek for any foot or pawprints but there are only rocks and pebbles in the area so prints would not show up.
Our closest neighbor told us about a disturbing incident which happened to her while she was walking around the ranch with her dog. She was wearing a Walkman with headphones on and the dog was walking next to her when suddenly the headphones were yanked from her head and they hit the ground. She looked around expecting to find tree branches or something else that may account for this but there was nothing that could have pulled the headphones forcefully from her head. Plus, at the exact moment this happened her dog bolted and ran away frightened. She immediately headed home and only related the incident to us later.
Just about sunset one evening, my family and I were walking down in one of the dry stream beds near Oak Creek on the ranch. We had been hiking and were heading home when we heard a "swooshing" sound just over our heads. We all looked up and saw the pair of nesting Bald Eagles, which live on a ridge just about our guesthouse, only a few feet above our heads. They had apparently been following the stream bed on the way home to their nest. We watched in awe as they continued to glide gracefully away from us along the stream bed beneath the overhanging trees and then fly straight up into the sky highlighted by the Moon. They continued up to their nest where they then took a rest, at which time we all realized we had been holding our breath and exhaled all at once. This was one of the most beautiful experiences in nature that we could have imagined, we were honored by the Eagles' Gift!
Not far from the ranch, but apparently still within the energetically affected area there was an incident in which I was driving my truck along a smooth paved road, minding my own business, with the windows open. It was a bright sunny day, no one on the road, no animals in sight. Suddenly I felt the truck lurch as if I had hit something with the front left tire, but at the same time I heard the distinct sound of a dog yelping. Obviously I must have hit an animal, possibly a I immediately stopped the truck and looked around out of the window...nothing. I got out of the truck and there was no sign of any animals anywhere around. I inspected the tires, the truck, the road...there was nothing that could have accounted for the experience. Very strange.

Then a few weeks later I was driving my truck back to the Cornville ranch and had already left the paved road, now traveling on the dirt road, almost home. Again I had the windows open and then I heard the sound that a tire makes when it has been punctured by something big! "Pfffffwwwwt!" and as I continued forward I could hear what sounded like air escaping from the left front tire but then the sound would stop momentarily as if the "hole" in the tire was touching the ground and therefore blocking the escape of the air momentarily. I had a spare so I wasn't worried but there wasn't anywhere convenient to pull over yet so I continued for about another 50 feet, all the while hearing the sound of air escaping with a momentary gap. When I finally pulled over, I got out of the truck fully expecting the find one of the tires flat, but they were all fully inflated and I could find no punctures nor any objects protruding from any of the tires. I opened the hood and checked for leaking hoses, but there was nothing that could account for the sounds I had just heard. I continued to drive onwards to the ranch without any further incident.
Episode 3 ~ Enter Sedona
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The Visitors
One of the first things we always do when we move into a new area is to gift the place with orgone/crystal devices. There at the ranch we gridded the area with these devices which seemed to attract some "visitors".  UFOs started showing up in pictures which we took around the ranch. Below is the first set:
Here They Come
The Portal Revealed
Rescue Animals
For more examples of "animal healings" please refer to our "Customer Experiences" section.
The Eagles' Gift
Driving Anomalies
Native Apparitions
Ed was then all alone except for the horses who gave him comfort with their company. Now, it is well known that Sedona is a New Age Mecca and that you can find people here who are naturally psychic in many ways as they are drawn to the area and eventually settle. Medical Intuitives are easy to find, for example. But Archeological Intuitives would be a rare find no matter where you live. But then Ed found a lady who has the natural talent of "reading" a geological area intuitively but picking up some of the earth and asking Gaia for the history of the area. According to Ed, this amazing lady discovered that a white male person had been murdered about 50 years ago and buried near the guest house. I remember there was a rectangular depression near the guest house when we lived there which seemed very old and I always thought it was the septic tank. However, upon further investigation I found out the septic tank is on the other side!

She also discovered much further back in the past that there was a peaceful tribe of American Indians who lived in this box canyon where the Cornville ranch now stands. And that an agressive Indian tribe wanted the land for their own people and wiped out the peaceful village, taking some women for wives and children for slaves. And that they had crushed all of the peaceful Indians' pottery.
Eventually, just a few months after "gifting" the ranch, very negative energies began to possess us all. But when any of us left the ranch "proper" we felt fine. When we came back onto the property, the negativeness increased and our lives were becoming miserable. So much so that Jackie decided to leave. By gifting this beautiful ranch with many orgonite pieces, a lot of souls may have been released and all of us living there, being empathic in nature, we probably felt the brunt of the healing souls. (Note to self: Learned a lesson there, gift and move on...come back in time to observe changes.)

Then my family and I found a place 18 miles southwest nearby in Cottonwood and also moved away from the ranch. So much beauty and wonderful experiences, melded with sadness, bitterness and hardships...but as Geoffrey Chaucer said "All good things must come to an end." Fortuntely, this is also true for bad things. Such are the mysteries of this life on Planet Earth.
All Good Things...
Sedona's Amazing People
This would explain why there are only small shards everywhere! This information seems to confirm others' experiences with the energies of Sedona. I speculate that the "peaceful" tribe of Indians in this area were influenced by the energies in the box canyon into a state where they were overly peaceful, not even wanting to defend themselves. And that the "agressive" Indian tribe was also influenced to be overly aggressive to the point where they had no mercy. It would also seem that they knew to crush the pottery as it was made with the clay of the land and contained the energies of the peaceful Indian tribe which had to be eradicated.
Cornville Ranch American Indian Pottery Shards
Putting Pieces Together
It all started when we took our annual family vacation to Sedona. We had heard it was not only beautiful but there were also like-minded people there, and energy "vortices" that we could explore. The next year we did the same when vacation time came around again and visited Sedona. Indeed we always found beauty on each journey, but there seemed to be something else in and around Sedona that didn't quite fit in with the surroundings. Something hidden and subtle that seemed to be trying to communicate with us. A couple of years later that "call" was so strong that we had to obey our instincts, so we packed up and moved to Cornville, Arizona which is just southwest of Sedona. We shared a horse ranch with friends there while we started looking for a home in Sedona. In the meantime we were to "listen" for the reason why we felt such a strong pull to the area. It didn't take long to find out.