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   by Fred Gunn

Crystals love to be squeezed, and not just in your hands. Most crystals were born deep underground under great heat and pressure. They feel at home in an orgone matrix since the resin contracts when it cures, thereby permanently squeezing the crystals. A nice side effect is that the crystals continuously clear themselves under these conditions at the same time amplifying the metaphysical properties of the gemstones in the pendant.

The best way to prove it to yourself is to sense the energy yourself in the crystals before you place them in the orgone matrix. After the piece cures, feel the energy again and you will be amazed. Even though many people do not yet remember how to sense energies from crystals, most anyone can feel a crystal's energy when placed within the orgone matrix. I proved this to myself in Sedona. As manager of the gift shop I was responsible for bringing customers in and keeping them in the store as long as possible. So I would invite people to hold their palms over an orgone generator cone to see what they would feel, without suggesting anything to them. Ninety percent of the people felt either a warmth, tingling or breeze-like sensation.
The crystals and gemstones in your Power Pendant are waiting for you to power them up with your intentions. This is simply done by using your own beautiful mind to consciously program the crystals and gemstones.

For faster results when wearing your Power Pendant, program the crystals inside to do what you need them to do for you, based upon the metaphysical properties of the gemstones. If you are not sure what you need, you can hold the amulet in your left hand (receiving side) and ask it to do a diagnosis and carry out the healings necessary.

Intentions are Everything. Our daily lives unfold due to both our conscious and unconscious ‘intentions’. When programming the crystals in your Power Pendant you are using conscious intention or mental focus. When you consciously intend something you are mentally or verbally stating your intentions which activates neurons in your brain. Those microelectronic pulses from the brain are what program the crystals in the Power Pendant. This is similar in function to an electronic oscillator which sends electronic pulses into a quartz crystal to keep accurate time in a “Quartz Clock”.

Since the stones in your Power Pendant are encased in an orgone matrix of perfectly balanced life-force energy (orgone, mana, prana, chi, etc.) they are being constantly “cleared” and “charged” so there is no need to clear and recharge your pendant the way you should with a lone un-encased crystal.

While wearing your Power Pendants, hold it in your hands and verbally state out loud what you want the crystals to do for you, i.e. “I program this amulet to…remove the pain in my finger joints now” or “…increase my immune system’s effectiveness by one hundred percent now” or “…attract my soul mate now”. Be as specific as possible for best results. And the time is Always NOW. This is NOT a belief system. No matter what your beliefs are, the Power Pendant will function regardless. However, your intentions will always enhance the healing process.

Repeat the programming several times throughout the first day of wearing the Power Pendant. Thereafter, only refreshing the programming needs be done when your intuition lets you know it is time. The reason the program does not remain permanent is again because we are always using both conscious and unconscious intentions. And our brains never sleep, they are always active. Therefore when you are asleep, your unconscious intentions take over. (Except of course when you are having a Lucid dream.) If your conscious and unconscious intentions clash at all, then refreshing conscious programming of the Power Pendant becomes necessary at different increments, depending upon the severity of the “clash”. As long as you continue to refresh your original “program” at intervals then your conscious intentions will always win out and the healing, protection or whatever programming you have made manifests.

If you do not program your Power Pendant you will still get many benefits because the crystals will tune in to both your conscious and unconscious intentions. Then the crystals tell the gemstones what needs to be done based upon that information and within the healing parameters of the gemstones' properties. However, when you program a Power Pendant, you are using more of your conscious intentions and results are many times faster.
A few guidelines to follow in order to have the best experience with your new Power Pendant:

Prolonged exposure of the Power Pendant to direct sunlight is not advised.

It is not recommended to swim or take a shower with your Power Pendant due to the metal parts which could tarnish if left wet. If your Power Pendant does become wet, simply dry it thoroughly as soon as possible, especially the metal parts and you will have no problems with tarnishing. Also, it would be very easy to lose your Power Pendant if swimming in the ocean should it become detached from your body.

If you participate in active sports, be sure to wear your Power Pendant under your shirt to avoid getting hit in the face. If your Power Pendant is exposed to a lot of sweat it is OK to rinse it with mild soap and water and then dry it thoroughly.

Although the resin material of the Power Pendant is hard and cured, it can still crack if dropped on a hard surface. Always take care when handling your Power Pendant.

Your Power Pendant contains various crystals and gemstones, however it is neither necessary to “clear” nor “charge” the stones. These actions are accomplished automatically and non-stop by the constant flow of positive orgone energy in and out of the Power Pendant. This fact has been confirmed by energy sensitive persons using various energy sensing skills. Prior to embedding crystals and gemstones in every Power Pendant, our skilled artisans clear and charge the various stones in the manner appropriate to the stone.

Remember that Programming your Power Pendant will give you an enhanced, personal healing experience.
The following information is provided in support of our line of Power Pendants.
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What Are Power Pendants?
Power Pendants are personal orgone generators which transmute unbalanced orgone/scalar energies into the healthy balanced form of orgone. Some of the positive effects of orgone generators include; positive emotional/mood effects, sound sleep at night, protection against electromagnetic fields and many others. Dr. Wilhelm Reich coined the name "orgone" energy which is actually another name for the universal energy which surrounds and penetrates everything. Other cultures have called this energy; prana, mana, chi or ki, and it goes many other names.

When quartz crystals are added to personal orgone generators, such as the Power Pendants, this allows the wearer to program the pendant's crystal content for specific tasks and direct the energies through their own intentions. When gemstones are also added, the healing properties of the gemstones are amplified exponentially by the quartz and orgone matrix material.

Healing: Technically speaking gemstones and crystals do not do the healing. Only WE can heal ourselves, so it would be more correct to say that a gemstone or crystal "assists in healing". For example; since some people may not be ready (unconsciously) to heal a particular disease, then by wearing a Power Pendant it will only encourage the person to want to heal through gemstone frequencies, but that same person may have other methods (again unconsciously) which they want to try for healing. This would be the case of someone who received a Power Pendant as a gift, an unsolicited present, then this situation of not yet being ready to heal could present itself. However, someone who is asking for a Power Pendant is ready to heal themselves and the gemstones/crystals will be very happy to assist in the healing.
Power Pendants are the creation of Christie Gunn. During her family's one year in Sedona, Arizona she and her husband Fred continued their studies of the metaphysical properties and beneficial combination of gemstones and crystals from a Native American shaman. This knowledge was successfully integrated with Orgone energy research and her Power Pendants have been of great benefit to many.