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Each of our products are individually handcrafted by highly skilled  artisans, orgone artists. Our products are therefore all unique and no two are exactly alike as they are not produced under factory conditions. Product photographs shown on this website are provided as a guide only. Due to the artistic nature of production there will sometimes be variations in appearance at the discretion of the orgone artist which do not affect the quality nor the effectiveness of the product. However, we do strive to keep each product as similar in design as possible to the representative photographs on this website. Also to be taken into consideration is materials availability. For example, on occasion when a specific crystal or gemstone is not available we will use a suitable substitution. This substitution in no way affects the quality or effectiveness of the product.
Product Guarantee

In the unlikely event of any manufactured defects we offer 100% free replacement of the same item. The customer ships at their expense the defective product back to Orgone Artist and we pay for shipping the replacement item back to the customer along with a free gift to compensate for the customer's shipping fees.
Orgone-Fibonacci Fusion Seashells combine the transmutational healing properties of Orgone Matrix materials with crystals, gemstones and the natural "Golden Ratio" contained in each and every one of Gaia's beautiful seashell creations.

Most likely, you have heard at least a little bit about the Golden Ratio. This ancient sacred principle is also known as the Divine Proportion, and it is often expressed by the Greek letter phi.

The Golden Ratio is found in the designs of iconic structures through the ages and across the globe: from the Great Pyramid to Chartres Cathedral to Stonehenge.

Luminaries such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Fibonacci all used the Golden Ratio to create their enduring works of genius. The transcendent beauty of a piece like the Mona Lisa owes itself to the ideal proportions of the Golden Ratio.

In the past, the Golden Ratio was thought to apply mainly to arts and architecture. Now, innovative medical professionals are realizing the immense benefits to improve your health that can come from applying to Golden Ratio to issues of human well-being and health.
Orgone Seashells
US$75 * FREE shipping
Item# OS1
Set: Consists of all 5 shells as shown above and individually below
Carnelian and White Howlite
Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Red Garnet, Clear Quartz
Jade, Red Jasper, Carnelian
Green Aventurine
Golden Tiger's Eye, Iron Pyrite
Seashells which are used for our "Orgone Seashell" collections are commonly found and not protected in the Philippines under the 2001 Fisheries Administrative Order 208.